Turn shipping challenges into an innovative revenue channel with Swipe Package Protection

Our round-the-clock management of shipping issues will increase revenue and enhance your customer loyalty. Best Shopify package protection in the market!

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Swipe Package Protection has successfully decreased the time taken to resolve shipping claims!

Elevate your e-commerce business experience to a stress-free level with the reliable Package Protection for Shopify stores offered by Swipe.

Providing shipping protection leads to tangible financial benefits.

Allow us to take care of any shipping concerns your customers may have.

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Risk-Free Shopping

Your purchases are covered from the moment they leave the warehouse until they reach you. No worries about lost, damaged, or stolen items anymore. Swipe offers package insurance for Shopify stores.

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Affordable Plans

Swipe offers various protection plans tailored to suit every budget. No need to break the bank to ensure the safety of your packages.

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Real-Time Package Tracking

Tracking package made easier! Stay informed about your package’s journey with our advanced package tracking for Shopify stores. Track package, where it is and when it’s estimated to arrive!

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Fast Reimbursement

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we ensure quick and easy reimbursement. We understand that your time is valuable, so we make it a point to settle claims swiftly.

Protecting both your orders and the environment.

Swipe App uses carbon-neutral shipping that provides an instant opportunity for you to positively influence the environment, our world, and its population.

Guaranteed Package Protection

Ensure the secure dispatch of your packages by protecting them from potential risks such as loss, theft, or damage. Made even safer with Swipe package tracking.

Proud to partner with industry innovators

"Attentive has become an incredibly important part of our brand's digital strategy and overall revenue growth. The platform's capabilities and the team's expertise in the text messaging space are both incredible, and have been integral to our success."
Charlie McMillen
VP of E-Commerce, Steve Madden
"SMS subscribers are extremely engaged—it's now the number one marketing channel that we default to if we want to get in front of customers quickly and drive sales in a short window of time.”
Phillip Cruickshank
Associate Director of Brand Marketing, CB2
“Implementing text messaging into our strategy has allowed us to have a lot more engagement from our customers. We’ve seen high conversion rates, which tells us that we’re getting the right messages to the right people, and they’re taking action on those."
Brandy Butler
Director of Marketing, Jason’s Deli
"We’ve seen amazing results through our program with Attentive. When we first started, we had a hunch that our customers would embrace SMS marketing, but the channel has far exceeded our expectations—both in terms of engagement and ROI."
Vivian Weng
SVP of Digital and E-Commerce, Anastasia Beverly Hills
"Attentive has been a true partner for our organization. Their team is not only incredibly responsive, but has consistently gone above and beyond for us. The platform is easy to use and the team’s expertise in the text messaging space has been a key part of our success."
Annie Feldman
Senior Director of Retention, Lunya/Lahgo

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